Thursday, October 16, 2014



This is the lone zinnia left.  Leaves are accumulating in piles and the hydrangeas are turning their beautiful shades of copper.  As much as I love the planting in spring, I really think as I grow older it is fall that captures me.  Maybe because as I age I see it in such new light.


Another sweet engagement photo of my youngest daughter and her fiancé .


Yesterday my granddaughter took her brother's undershirt and made us all laugh!


I continue to post this picture of my youngest daughter and Nin Pham, the nurse diagnosed with Ebola.  They were high school classmates.  Please continue to pray not only for Nina and now the other nurse infected. And please offer up prayers for guidance for those making decisions and all those caring for the sick.

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  1. like you, i find my fading fall garden a joy....still lots of color to bring in the house although not always in the form of flowers! leaves and berries abound.
    loving your hitofude!!! someday i'll make another---it was that good a knit.
    and of course, prayers have been going out steadily....even before i knew of your connection.

  2. Well, google ate my comment. I love this post, will continue to pray for your daughters school mate and I love the engagement photo!

  3. I am enjoying fall more and more every year. Beautiful engagement picture! Praying!

  4. Many prayers for ALL the nurses. Praying the Lord protects them all. My ER nurse daughter is on the front lines today....

  5. Beautiful picture of your daughter and his fiance! And, we are praying here. We are in Dallas, so this is all very close to home for us. So many prayers for all on the front lines.