Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Little Saturday

Good morning all!  A whirlwind to the end of the week!  Last Saturday's post over on Small Things kept me hopping all week.  I am so grateful ya'll for all the orders and my daughter, Elizabeth, has had such fun being a part of this.  Today is the last day of the 20% coupon GINNY07.  There are a couple of new fabric combos in the shop as well and that coupon can be used.

We are not big Halloween people here, choosing to focus more on the true meaning...The Feast of All Saints and All Souls Day, but the little ones did do some dressing up and I captured a couple of pics.  Friday, Patrick had an All Saints party at his school and I was able to slip in for the last of it.

It has turned chilly this morning and of course tonight we slip back into Standard Time.  Don't forget you have that extra hour today!

I'm knitting away on Lilah's sweater and loving the Knit Picks yarn and of course this wonderful Sunday Sweater pattern.

My friend Leila over at  Like Mother Like Daughter has a great giveaway going on for those Christmas cards you'll be needing soon.  Hop on over their to enter.

Enjoy a great weekend!

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  1. Happy extra hour to you too!! I slept an extra hour this morning..ahhhhh