Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, Monday

I've spent the weekend nursing a sick husband.  Mr. Golfer rarely falls ill, but as with most of the very young and the early aging, we crash quickly.  A stomach bug ravaged him these past few days and I have laundered and cleaned everything in site!  I fell prey to this last spring and have never been more sick.  I did not want a repeat!  He is better this morning and back on his feet, but what a weekend it has been.  Thank goodness my youngest daughter had access to some sublingual Zofran.  That drug is a miracle!

Don't you love those new fabrics above? I know the images are blurred, but I couldn't clear the up, so sorry for the hardness on the eyes. I have ordered a yard of each.  You may preorder if you would like.  Just message me through the shop. CinchIt

I am also in negotiations on a little venture with Drawstrings.  Might you offer up a prayer for guidance?

And a last Halloween pic of the grandchildren.  :))))))


  1. very cute!!! oh dear, glad your husband is getting better; may God guide you!

  2. such cuties for Halloween! We nurses call it Zofriend....its the best