Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Week in My Life....Tuesday

I am participating in two linkups today.  Wednesday is my usual Yarn Along post, so if you please, hop on over to this post for a knitting update.

Tuesday turned cold here just like most of the country. Coffee was in abundance this morning.  A new little mug to enjoy:)

A large order has come into the shop, so I spent most of the morning cutting and sewing. It gave me time to watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey.  Did you know you can watch it now just as they are in the UK?  This link should take you right to it!

These bags were going to our local yarn shop where I knit on Tuesdays.  Just gathering things up before I left the house.

I picked up the Engagement Party Announcements for our youngest daughter.  The party is being held just after Christmas, so my second daughter and I are busy planning.

On Tuesdays I try to stop at the library.  We have a great system in our city and since Mr. Golfer is on the Library Board, I try to patronize our branch as often as possible.

The front seat of my car kept getting more and more full!

I picked up Evelyn from her school and then Patrick from his.  These aren't pictures from today, but they are from this year.  Just wanted a face with the names!

Then on my way to my knitting group.  We meet every Tuesday and that is the one afternoon that is sacred on my calendar.  I don't keep grandchildren on this day and my daughters are very nice at respecting that.  :))))

Mr. Golfer had a rough day at the office today, so it was a good thing I had planned comfort food for dinner.  An old favorite of his....Shake and Bake pork chops and Mac'n Cheese.  Not a gourmet meal, but it made him smile.

Linking up with Kathryn today at Team Whitaker!

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  1. MMMMMMmm That dinner looks so good.
    Love your purple knit
    and the coffee cup