Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The last of the color is waning in the garden.  This early fall has been warm.  It won't last.  By the end of the day we should have heavy rains which we blow most of those blossoms away.

Last year my usual flag place on the front of the house was replaced with some hanging baskets.  I missed it immediately.  So after experimenting with a smaller flag and post that went in the ground (which I didn't like), Mr. Golfer found a smooth spot in the front tree to put the pole.  I have so  many flags and was sad each time a season changed or a holiday arrived and I couldn't hang it.  Now it is back in a proper place!

I have divided for the sleeves on the Sunday Sweater.  Now just knitting down the length.

My engaged daughter shares an love of blue and white china with me.  It will be part of the centerpieces at the wedding.  Filled with hydrangeas, white roses and baby's breath, they will be stunning! So we have been collecting pieces as we find them.  These two I found at a local antique mall and on sale as well!

Don't miss tomorrows Yarn Along post!  A Drawstrings giveaway you won't want to miss!


  1. lovely! glad you have a place for your flags; it is wonderful to be able to mark the seasons!

  2. Wanda those centerpieces sound so romantic. I love blue and white china