Thursday, November 20, 2014



Lilah's sweater is finished and she loves it!  The sleeves were a little long, but she will grow into it. I used those same little vintage buttons that were on Rachel's.  They were just too cute .


I attended Evelyn's Thanksgiving feast at her Preschool.  Chicken nuggets became turkey:))). I'm not sure why that tongue kept popping out, but she was clearly happy I was there!


Patrick has a cute friend at his school.  I have become friends with her mother as we wait each day for the littles.  His drawing shows how special he thinks she is:). Cue chuckles.....


I have shared with you the story my my daughter Caitlin's piano.  The one she received from Make A Wish 12 years it ago.  For her own reasons, it has now found a new home, a former elementary student of mine.  It arrived in Colorado yesterday after weeks of travel and weather delays.  I think the setting is beautiful!  Many happy years to Caroline!

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  1. love picture, lovely that you have your grands in your life so much!!!