Sunday, December 21, 2014

Before the Chaos Begins!!!!

Christmas at our house with 15, five of whom are under 6, is usually loud, busy, and wonderful!  Even though space in this modest house is at a premium, I love nothing more than being surrounded by my children and grandchildren.  

They are all now within the same county!  Caitlin and Zach arrived late last night, so all my "chickies" are home.  My heart is warm.  I so hope when my girls are older they understand that need in mothers.  They laugh at me now....but maybe?

The baking begins tomorrow and now I have a helper.  Zach loves to cook, so he and I are going to bake away!  Coffee, then wine, then more coffee:))))

I thought I would treat you to a few pictures from around the house. Of course the Advent Wreath has been on the table for 4 weeks now.  Even with just Mr. Golfer and I we light it morning and night.

  This year the tree was relegated to a corner.  As the family has grown the tree had to be moved to the Family Room and it is not designed for a space for a tree.  We do our best.  Those stockings:). Oh my!

The crèche is one I bought years ago and added pieces along the years.  The Wise Men are across the entry hall making their journey.  They really never get put in my set.  Since it took 2 years for them to actually arrive, Jesus was no longer a baby.  I like to stay true to " the story". Baby Jesus is placed on Christmas morning. The one on the coffee table that the grandchildren play with has all the pieces present.  I like to teach them the correct history and then listen to them re-tell it:)

I found that centerpiece 70% off at JoAnn's.  It's perfect for my table.  Christmas cards seem to be coming in slowly this year.  I always enjoy reading the notes enclosed.  I'm hoping we get swamped this week!

My dear Spode. Only in the last few years have the pieces been added.  But I love pulling it out and spreading it around the house.  Christmas Cheer!!!

My Christmas would not be complete without an amaryllis.  I have had one blooming during the holidays for about the last 20 or so years.  This one is going to open perfectly and "on time"!

I hope your last few days before Christmas Day are full of happiness, joy and family!

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  1. it's very lovely!!! a modest sized home is a wonderful one I think!! God bless and keep you! blessed Christmas to you and your family!