Sunday, December 28, 2014

On the Fourth Day of Christmas.......

There hasn't been much downtime this Christmas season.  With all the girls in town we are trying to make the best of our time together.  Sisters and cousins are carving out spaces to enjoy each other.  We also took advantage of having all the bridesmaids in town to go dress shopping.  We missed one of the girls as her husband was ill, and one of my older daughters was with her in laws, but the other six plus our wedding planner joined us for a fun morning.

I'm really pleased with our family picture.  We couldn't take it any earlier than Christmas Day this year.  Caitlin wasn't in town and Mary's work schedule conflicted, so we waited until after we had eaten on Christmas and proceeded.  It was very windy outside so the decision was made to move furniture and adapt.:). My daughter Julia is amazing with her camera.  The tripod was set up on the dining room table and she operated it from her phone.  She could see the picture on her phone and knew when to snap. Crazy!  With very little planning we were able to capture, what I think, is a great photo.  I told everyone to just wear a neutral and they blended perfectly with the light and the room.

Those scarves?  Let me tell you.  My father traveled for work when I was small.  He often was overseas.  One trip he brought back lengths of beautiful silk for my mother.  She made dresses from some but others were put aside.  After her death, I found two pieces in her things.  Not having the skills to sew on silk I decided I could at least do a straight seam.  So last Christmas I made each of the girls and myself a scarf with both materials and included the story of the silk and that I would like to use them for next year's ( 2014) picture.  I'm tickled to have this picture with the memory.  Mr. Golfer and I have somehow managed to do a family picture each year of our marriage and someday I will put them together for all the girls.  This year's picture goes out in a New Year's card!

The Save the Date cards for the wedding are going out in early January.  I think the most difficult part of a wedding is putting together a guest list.  I also think this is a skill our children should learn in school! Many lessons to be learned here:)))

I put my Christmas sock aside for something easier on the hands.  I have begun the Honey Cowl in aN old Mad Tosh yarn I've  had for years.  The pattern is easy to remember and the larger needles are less stressful on my hands.

Remember that Drawstrings is having an end of year sale until January 2.  All bags are 30% off with code HOLIDAY30.  New inventory will be going in soon!

I hope these days of Christmas are peaceful for you.  May you have time to enjoy the fifts of this season!


  1. lovely family photo! Everyone looks happy and healthy as it should be :) Have fun with your family and isn't the wedding planning fun and stressful at the same time. Luckily ours is a smallish wedding.

  2. lovely photo and how special about the scarves! May God bless you all with this planning!

  3. Such a lovely family picture! Those scarves are fabulous!

  4. What a beautiful family! A great tradition and cool way to watch your family grow from one year to the next!