Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yarn Along

My Jeck sock is progressing.  The gusset is my favorite part of knitting on a sock.  I'm not sure why.  I just enjoy its construction. I'm hoping in another week I can have the pair finished.  That will give me many weeks to wear during this Advent and Christmas season.

I'm writing this Tuesday night and can say today was turning point in the wedding plans.  The dress came in and we went for a first fitting.  Can I just say I have never ordered a wedding dress for a daughter and had it fit perfectly when it arrived!  Lord, please let this be a little reprieve in the many costs of a wedding:))

Drawstrings is having a Cyber week sale!  All bags in the shop are 15% off this week.  Use the code CYBERWEEK14 at checkout. This includes custom orders!  Message me through the shop if you have questions.

My reading has been nonexistent this past couple of weeks.  The only print in front of my eyes has been guest lists.  This weekend we celebrate a big birthday for Mr. Golfer and an engagement party is just weeks away.  Save the Date cards should be in soon and Christmas cards as well!  So many lists!!!!!


  1. wow, busy for sure! God bless and keep you! lovely socks :)

  2. Wow - the dress fit on the first try? That is a miracle! Sounds like a good sign to me :-)

  3. Love your socks Wanda, perfect for the season.
    Congratulations on ordering a dress that fits perfectly, that almost never happens. I hear you on the cost, we did three weddings in three years and thank goodness the remaining child is only 17!

  4. Perfect sock color! How wonderful the dress fit perfectly!

  5. Your yarn colors are beautiful. Have you ever been to Heritage Homestead in Waco? They have beautiful yarn from shoes raised on the property. Everything is spun etc. on site. They were wonderfully soft!

    Wonderful that the dress fit!!

    1. Are they in Waco. I think I have heard of a place with that name in Grandview? I have not been but it is on my list!

  6. I love the color of your yarn. Lovely for socks!

  7. These socks are amazing! Hope they are as fantastic to wear as they look!