Sunday, February 22, 2015

Changes...Weather and Life!

This has been a crazy winter here in North Texas.  By this time we have normally had one or two episodes of snow and/or ice.  In the last few years those episodes have turned into freak weeks of ice. Literally being home bound for days with ice covered roads.

This year.....nothing......until now.  Currently it's 42 degrees, but by this evening it is predicted to be 27 and sleet will begin.  By tomorrow we are predicted to be under 1/2 inch of ice.  Problem is....we have a wedding to be at this evening.  We shall see.

On this first Sunday of Lent, the readings are teaching us about temptation. It is so easy to try to see Jesus on our terms instead of His.  To bring Him down to our level instead of  us up to His.  There is temptation to use prayer for bargaining power.  The greatest lesson we learn from Jesus is that he did not "fool around" with temptation.  He understood obedience to His Father's will.  This is where I struggle constantly.  Even though I am reading and studying about that obedience every day in my lessons, my humanity is always under seige.

These past days of Lent I have been attending daily mass.  A friend and I have set this goal before us and I believe this week we are going to try to include the 7:30 am rosary before mass as well.  It is certainly making a difference in how I begin and conduct my day.

But my days are changing.  My husband's office has gone through some drastic upheaval this past few weeks.  He has been on his own for 25 years, but shares space with 2 other attorneys.  This past week, because the building owner would not do some requested renovations, the other attorneys moved to another space and took all the shared office help with them.  It has left Mr. Golfer in a bind until we can find the right person to come in.  So you guessed it....... 3 mornings a week I am now going to be at the office.  It's not really ideal for me, but necessary.

So Drawstrings is being turned over to my oldest daughter for a while.  She has been helping me since the fall and is extremely capable in running the business for a while.  If you have questions about orders you can continue to go through me and I will pass along to her.

I will still be in this space.  Putting my thoughts down here has become a blessing.


  1. Oh dear, that sounds tough. Do hope things settle down soon. Love your snow pictures. They are fabulous!! Hope you have a good week.

  2. oh i so hope your challenges sort themselves out quickly!!!!