Monday, February 23, 2015

Reinventing Continues

My oldest grandson, Patrick, attends preK at one of our Catholic schools.  Each year there is a fundraiser and classes contribute a project to be bid on at the auction.  I have become friends with two of the young mothers and we are working together on the project.  A quilt that will contain squares from all the children.

Today I cut all those squares and thought back to the days I did this as a mother.  Never did I think I would be doing it as grandmother.

When I began this blog I was concentrating on how to mother grown daughters.  That in itself is a challenge.  But now, how to be grandmother to school age grandchildren.  To not step on toes, but be helpful at the same time.  What a fine line to walk and balance on.


  1. yes, things never stay the same! when my Mom had us kids as young kids, she thought it would be forever; now I am 38 and my youngest sibling is 32... fun about the quilt! God bless you!

  2. Oh my! I think of all the dozens of quilts I made for the school auction over the decades our family was there....the garden benches I stained and then painted with dozens of tiny hand prints...the little tea table and matching chairs I painted with tiny thumbprints turned into ladybugs...the many, many class scrapbooks that were made and auctioned off...picture frames, rocking chairs, garden flags and statuary. I still smile when I remember those projects!