Saturday, March 7, 2015

Letting Him Lead

Texas weather is so fickle.  The temperatures are like a roller coaster. Thursday there was no green in sight.  Today, hardly no white in sight.  What you see is the shaded areas of my yard where small amounts of ice and snow remain, but those will likely be gone tomorrow as we are expecting a full day of rain and then temps rising to the 70s.

Today Mr. Golfer and I return to our beloved dance lessons.  It has been several years since we formally danced and when we are on the dance floor it shows.  If you "don't use it you loose it"is so true! With our youngest daughter's wedding fast approaching, we must take up our dancing shoes again. These are my favorite Capezio shoes.  I just feel like I'm  gliding when I have them on.  

I think every couple has one or two things they really love doing together.  Mr. Golfer and I have such varied interests, but ballroom dancing is something we love to do together. And in these years that we have not danced consistently we could tell a difference in how we related to each other.  Dancing tested our relationship.  Letting him lead.  You see that is always a condition with wives and mothers.  We tend to be the organizers, goal setters, and social planners. But in ballroom dancing you have to let that go and truly follow.  A sure challenge!

So today..... I let him lead!


  1. I do love your garden! it is good to let the husband lead, but I know it can be difficult too. I like the literal metaphor of ballroom dancing to illustrate this!

  2. Oh, so true! We do tend to be the goal setters, social planners, etc. Love your dancing shoes!

  3. Love all the green in your garden! I will be living spring through your pictures until snowmelt. I'm glad you're dancing again - we do English country dancing and it's such a joy to fly along together. Happy!