Monday, March 9, 2015

Like Riding a Bicycle

This is the sort of activity I was always involved in when my daughters were in elementary school.  It's pretty standard for Catholic schools ( or private schools for that matter) to have an auction to raise money.  Usually I was a room mother or helper to the room mother and involved in organizing the class project. Eight years of elementary school x's 4 daughters.  Thirty two projects!

Now look what I am doing!  This is for my oldest grandson's Pre K class at his Catholic school.  The teachers and a few mothers worked hard to get all the children's hand prints on squares I had pre-cut.  One block of 4 squares sewn together is all the hands making a heart.  Then there is a block of 2 squares for the teacher's hand prints and a scripture they chose.

I spent the better part of the weekend putting the top together. Later this week I will add the backing and complete it.  I think I will hand tie it rather than machine quilt.

Check back in on Wednesday's Yarn Along and you will see a completed secret knitting project!'s only half of it.  Notice I have cast on the other half in navy:)

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  1. Loved the headline as much as the art work! Yep, like riding a bicycle...for sure!