Sunday, April 5, 2015

For Elizabeth

Being away from here last week was exactly what I needed.  A little quiet time.  Time to be attentive to the holiness of the week.  To connect with particulars of my faith I don't on a regular basis.  This past week brought friends together, but also brought sadness.

As you may have heard by now, Elizabeth DeHority passed away on Holy Thursday. I had never personally met Elizabeth.  We had, though, been online friends for about 18 months.  She was struggling with a severe form of breast cancer and was fighting hard to hang on for her husband and her 5 children.  Her obituary gives you the story and the details so much better than I could write.  Elizabeth was a fabulous knitter and during the time we chatted online I discovered she had no knitting bag.  I had been making my little drawstring bags for family and friends, so I constructed one for her.  She loved it!  With her enthusiasm for them and a Facebook post she  wrote, my little business was born.  Drawstrings took off!  We continued to chat frequently.  I never really was in "the  loop".  Not a close friend who knew all the details first hand.  Nonetheless, we did share many things. I asked you to keep her family close in your prayers and offer up other prayers for the repose of her soul.

My garden looks to contain a lot of yellow.  It really is just what blooms first.  But it also is a favorite shade of mine, so I'm not at all adverse to watching it spring forth.

It has been a wonderful first day of Easter.  It was not planned that we would be with our children today as it was the year they are usually with the in laws.  But situations changed a little and we did end up having 3 of the girls at Mass with the grandchildren and had lunch with two of them and their families.  The grandchildren did pretty well during Mass, but by the end were certainly not in the mood for a photo session.  This is the best I could get!

I hope your first day of Easter was a blessing!  Remember, Easter is a season.  Fifty days of this celebration until Pentecost arrives!  I love the Church and how life centers around the feasts.  The more I study the Old Testament the more it all makes sense.  The old fulfilled in the new.  Come to think about it....that is life.  God bless you Elizabeth!


  1. was thinking of Elizabeth a lot when I heard she had passed; what a special woman! May God remember her in His Kingdom!!! * Blessed Easter Season to you! Ours begins in 1 week!

  2. I read yesterday on another blog that Elizabeth had died. I never had any direct contact with her - I only knew her through reading others' writing about her and checking in on her blog once in a while (and of course I knew she was the inspiration behind Drawstrings!). I always had the impression that she was an extraordinary woman; I was so sad to hear of her passing. Much love to you. xo