Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yarn Along

I think these pictures look relatively the same from last week although I may have added an inch.  It certainly is a good thing this secret knitting is not due tomorrow!  There is time to complete it.  It's just that so many other things are keeping me away from it.

But the pattern is just a 2 row repeat, so easy to pick up and down. And I always love Knit Picks Shine.  Pima Cotton is one of my favorites to knit with.

Those boxes are about to leave my house.  We send the invitations to the calligrapher Friday.  And there is just a little peek of the inside.  A very pale blue letterpress design with navy blue text.  They are just stunning.

I'm about 10 pages away from finishing Mrs. Grant.  A good story but simple.  I did learn a couple of new historical facts.  This could certainly be part of your summer reading!

I took all these photos with my iPad this morning.  We have had several rainy, gloomy days and the temp in North Texas this morning is 47!  So the pictures are not the best.  Sun is expected later today and for days to come!

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  1. I would love to meet up this Summer! Your secret project looks good, I cannot wait to see the finished project.

  2. Super secret projects are so much fun!! Slow and steady, right? Have a good week Wanda :-)

  3. So excited for the wedding planning progress (invitations going to the calligrapher!) And knitting progress is always sweet, isn't it? It is cool and rainy here this morning; I even have a fire going in the woodstove which is rare for the end of April and weird since it was 80 on Monday.
    xo Lisa

  4. Knitpicks Shine makes me so happy. I have about ten balls of it in worsted weight, and I'm curious if it's enough to make a small cardigan. I can't see much of it, but your project bag is lovely!

  5. I love getting a peak at the invitations, so exciting.
    Hey, we were 57 F this morning with rain, but I think it's headed out, I
    see a wee bit of sunshine. I am loving not hearing the sound
    of the A/C.

  6. very busy with the wedding planning! knitting will wait! a wedding is once! <3

  7. Pima Cotton is so fun to knit with. I love the bit of shine when it hints the light.