Friday, May 29, 2015


In the last month we have had between 16.07 inches of rain.  If you have kept up with any news you know that Texas is flooding.  We are not in any immediate danger, and I certainly am praying for all those who have suffered great loss, but we are all ready for this to stop. Those are homemade sand bags that have proved very useful!

The garden is a mess.  It is too wet to venture out to weed.  I'm afraid if I can't work out there soon it will be a lot cause.

There are bright spots though.  A few blooms can't be found if you poke around and the lemons are loving the water and humidity.  Hopefully we will have a few soon.

This link contains a little history from 36 years ago ( this is where I grew up).  Mr. Golfer and I had been married 2 months.  the days this happened he was taking the Bar Exam, my mother was in the hospital, and their home had been destroyed by the water.  We were due to move in 4 days.  I was heartbroken to leave my parents with no home and my mother just recovering from surgery.  It was very difficult for all, but they did go on to find a place to live while theirs was rebuilt.

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  1. Glad you did not experience damage from the rains, the news looks so awful for so many!