Sunday, May 31, 2015

Turning 5....A Tea Party Tradition ( Picture Heavy)

In my early years of marriage my mother passed on to me parts of a tea set her own mother had given her.  A popular pattern in the early 1900's, it can still be found today at antique shops.  I have added pieces to it over the years and some of my daughters have given me pieces as well.

When my 4 daughters turned 5, we celebrated with a  Tea Party.  These were the days before bounce houses and such that seem to be so trendy now.  The home party where you creatively come up with activities. The pre-Pinterest party.

  This weekend that tradition began in a new generation.  My oldest granddaughter turned 5 and had her Tea Party with her great-great-grandmother's tea set. It took many of us to pull it off.  Three of the daughters, myself and Elizabeth's mother in law all pitched in to make it happen.

We began with lunch.  Linen cloth napkins in their laps. Typical peanut butter sandwiches ( I think I also used pimento cheese when the girls were younger) cut crustless, goldfish, and white chocolate dipped strawberries were served along with pink lemonade in the teapots.  The adults served, but we taught them how to pass to the right and of course, hold that pinkie up when the drank:)) Patrick was not at all phased by being the only boy.  Being surrounded by girl cousins, I know he is anxious for Luke to grow old enough to play!

After the meal was complete, we gave each child a cupcake to decorate. Sprinkles were shared and the creativity began!  The birthday girl had candles added to hers and we sang a happy song.  Then a little contest of stacking sugar cubes.  A 5 minute time limit to see how tall a tower could be made.  I'm sorry to those parents whose children wanted to eat the cubes.  That must have been a rough afternoon.:(  Then a little spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  We played Catch the Tea! Trying to place the tea cup nearest the pouring tea.  The idea of being blindfolded was a little hard for some and we didn't tell them they couldn't reach out and feel the board, so I think the outcome was a little skewed.  Then gifts were opened and a little brother -sister tumbling went on.

The Birthday Girl had a grand time!  Who wouldn't want to be treated like a Princess on her special day?  Especially knowing your mommy had celebrated the same way.


  1. what a beautiful way to celebrate :) I love the tea set and the dresses and the sprinkles (lots of sprinkles!!) Looks like everyone had tons of fun!