Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Yarn Along...In Between

* please excuse the lighting of all photos.  I had to take these in the evening with very dark clouds outside.

I ran out of yarn.  I knew I would.  Have you ever just kept knitting even though you knew it wouldn't be enough?  Well, I've ordered more, but hands cannot stay idle.  I've had this Araucania yarn for several years.  It is 100% sugar cane! That in itself made me want to knit with it. This yarn feels so good in your hands and just slides through the fingers.

I decided to do an easy knit; a shawl I have knit before and even as a full circle blanket.  The Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl can be knit as a full or half circle.  I have knit the full as a baby blanket and then the half as a gift.  It is a quick knit with easy lace stitches.

Finally, a book I want to read.  I found several in this series last summer and put them on my list for the future.  While in Half Price Books recently I found the first one written by Beverley Nichols.  You find out rather quickly that Beverley is a man.  Maybe a common male name in England?  Like Francis?  Such a great story and witty writing.  If you like reading garden lore you will love these.

The rain and severe weather continue here in Texas.  Many we know have been affected in the Austin and Houston area.  Prayers please?

The calligrapher completed the envelopes.  We are waiting for one more enclosure card to arrive and then we can begin the task of putting these sweet papers together. 123 days!

The stack of monogramed napkins continues to grow.  Only 25 more to go:))))

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  1. Definitely praying for Texas. I have a friend who moved to Australia 20 something years ago and has only been home once since then. They left a week or two ago to finally visit family in Texas.
    It is terrible when you run out of yarn, especially one that is obviously really unusual and hard to find.
    I read all the Beverley Nichols books earlier this year - loved them.

  2. so sorry you lost your round of yarn-chicken. (I play the game a lot....a whole lot!!!) But you have lovely things at hand.....and the wedding looks like you have that well in hand, too. (Rain is getting itself out of its system so you will have a picture-perfect day. We did have to tell ourselves that rain on a wedding day was good luck, since it poured on poor Robyn and Keith; we all looked rather damp in the photos!!!!!)

  3. Love that yarn! Lovely Pi Shawl! Love that book cover! Those napkins are amazing!

  4. hope the yarn comes soon! I do think we all do that! lovely knits and those napkins are just lovely!!!

  5. Praying...yes, indeed. Be safe, Wanda!

  6. Prayers are coming your way.
    Love the yarn and Francis is my dad's name, but it and Beverley are not common male names here in England.