Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

 It's been raining here almost everyday for a month.  Some days just a shower, but many days the rain comes all day.  The past few days it just hasn't stopped.  The major rivers are all over their banks and many homes are being threatened.  This is so unlike our normal weather here in North Texas.

 Over the years in our home we have developed a low spot in the front yard.  We actually had a little water in the house last week.  You see above some hastily made sand bags we made to divert the water away from the front door.  The garden is very overgrown!  It is too wet to weed, but the lemon tree is loving al the rain.

Mr. Golfer is away on his annual golf trip, this time in Alabama.  He and two very close friends have been doing a trip for the last 9 years.  A different location every year.  He looks forward to this time; just stripping away all the daily concerns and being able to relax. I do so find it  blessing that these men take time each trip to gather for Mass.  Searching for a church has become almost as much fun as searching the trip destination.

Over the last week we have been doing a little renovation. When all the girls had left home after college, I took over one of the front bedrooms for my sewing room.  It has the best light in the house and I loved being in there.  Mr. Golfer also took over the small bedroom in the back of the house for his golfing equipment and reading.  With the upcoming wedding, we knew we were going to have to shift some things around for guests.  So last weekend we cleaned out his room and painted.  All of my sewing has been moved back there and his golf equipment has been arranged in the closet. It has been a real challenge to fit all my yarn and fabric into this small room.  I did a lot of cleaning and purging this last week!

 I am currently painting the front bedroom and it is being turned back into a sleeping area.  We really needed to do this anyway with the grandchildren getting older.  They needed more than one room when they are here.  I'll post some pics when I'm finished.

Happy Feast of Pentecost to all!!!

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  1. So sorry about all the rain and the flooding...praying your home is spared and that you are able to complete all your projects!! We have plans for some bedroom remodeling this summer as soon as lessons wrap up (only two more weeks!).
    Blessings, Lisa :)