Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yarn Along

Oh my hands have been so full this week!  I'm sure you noticed there have been no posts since this time last week.  And I am sure you have noticed no progression on that shawl.  It is still nesting in that basket by my chair. 

We had a wedding party this past weekend and then some wedding casualties the next day.  Finding out that a few pieces of music my daughter wants at the liturgy cannot be played and a few other dramas concerning gifts. Sunday afternoon, a niece and my oldest daughter came to help put the invitations together.  Mimosas all around!!  

And this week, while my granddaughter is here, potty training is happening:). Remember what a workout that is?  Every 30 minutes:)

Don't be sad if next week's picture is the same.  The Bridesmaid shower is this weekend and then invitations are mailed on Monday!  From that I promise to post pics!  73 days!

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  1. Happy wedding prepping!

    Your shawl looks quite pretty.

    And I well remember potty training!! :)

    Coming by from Yarn Along!

  2. It's all good - so much excitement. I can understand the lack of knitting progress. Oh yes - that potty training was a treat!

  3. Yay for wedding parties and preparation!

  4. Praying it all comes together with joy-filled laughter and smiles, hugs and lots of patience! As if any of us think you'll be doing any knitting... Enjoy this blessed time, Wanda! :)

  5. it will all work out... and be beautiful! may God bless!

  6. Good luck, it's wild times, but good stuff!

  7. Wedding preparations and potty training. Just everyday stuff right. Enjoy!