Thursday, April 11, 2013

PHFR Thursday

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When my mother passed away 5 years ago ( oh has it been that long?) the home where she was had an entire border of these along the fence.  I loved them and had watched them bloom the year before, the first year she was at this personal care home ( more on that next week).  The week she died these were all in bloom and I asked the owner if I could dig up a few.  I didn't even know what they were, but I loved them.  She said take all you want!  So I did!  I think I dug up about 30.  I did some online research and discovered these are called St. Joseph Lillies.  They are an heirloom plant that cannot be bought in a nursery any longer.  You can only get them from someone who grows them.  I feel blessed to have these and have shared them with many friends.  They do multiply like an iris does so I will contniue to be able to share for years to come!
Below is what they look like prior to opening.


Rachel loved being outside on the porch at the ranch we visited this week.  The weather here has been so back and forth that most days we have spent inside, so this was perfect.

 I truly cannot think of one thing that had me laughing this past week.  It has just been one task after another, a short trip, warm weather to freezing cold, and a granddaughter's nightmare.  Try again for next week?


My Easter flag will fly until Pentecost, because Easter is not just one day.  It is a 50 day season!  How wonderful and glorious that we celebrate the Ressurection as we walk with Jesus yet again!  Waiting for the Holy Spirit and toungues of flame to ignite our hearts!


  1. wonderful things here; keep on keeping on...

  2. Oh! The St. Joseph Lily (story, flower, perpetuation) is just BEAUTIFUL!

    And "AMEN" to the 50 days of Easter!

    1. Thank you! Are you close enough that I can send one?

    2. I live in Northern, California; I would be glad to pay for all shipping costs and time spent! one million thank yous!
      my email is valzb at sbcglobal dot net