Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Along and a trip to the West

Joining Ginny at Small Things for our weekly Yarn Along.  Thanks Ginny!

Grandbaby # 5 is due in Sept. and my oldest daughter is decorating in grays and yellow.  I finished the body of this Babar Blanket yesterday.


 I use Robot Shine Sport from Knit Picks.  I love Pima Cotton.  It is my favorite yarn for just about everything.  In Texas cotton can carry you though all year round and I always use this for my baby items.  it washes and dries beautifully!
It will have a yellow border added to it, but I really needed a break.  I added 40 stitches to the width of this blanket because I really didn't think it was wide enough.  What I failed to take into consideration is that the ruched area is every stiched doubled!  This blanket ended up being quite wide, so I added 2 repeats to the length.  The width was over 600 stitches and there is 25 rows between each eyelet section.
To break a little monotony I used the horse pattern from Mamma4Earth to make up this sweet pony that will become a birthday gift for my oldest granddaughter who loves My Little Ponies.
It stills needs to be stuffed and all the details added, but you get the point.  I have started a blue one as well.
This week my daughter Julia is out of town for work.  It is about and hour and a half from our home.  I am keeping the baby 24/7 this week along with the other 2 granddaughters 3 days.  Julia asked me if I wanted to come join her for a day or so and an overnight so she could see the baby and I could visit Wildcatter Ranch where she is staying.  This is the view from our porch.
This is a privatly owned ranch and my daughter comes out here to stay when she has to see this particular client. Julia is a CPA and auditing is her field.
This is the cabin next door but ours is just like it and this is where we have been sitting to enjoy the view.
A little bit of Texas for you to enjoy.  Of course, this is west Texas, not the city where we live.  West Texas is one of the more rustic parts of the state.  A different kind of pretty.  There are some bluebonnets blooming, but I didn't capture any pics for this post.
What is on your needles?  Share?



  1. That blanket is truly an heirloom; it's gorgeous. Gray seems to be the 'in' colors for nuseries---my niece is doing her nursery in gray / white / and pink. Totally understand needing a break from those 600 stitch rows!!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, my daughter is a Landscape Arhitect and Art teacher so colors are "her thing". This is the 3rd nursery, so boy or girl she doesn't want pink!

  2. Congratulations on another grandbaby! That grey is lovely... God bless you!

  3. Hello:)
    I am busy knitting a cowl at the moment and really enjoying it so far. Your Barber Blanket is really beautiful and I can't wait to see your horse when it is finished!
    Thanks so much for popping by my blog:)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we are practically neighbors since we live in Mesquite. I really like your baby blanket. I have never seen one with that design. The pictures of the scenery are beautiful. I guessed Glen Rose and then clicked on your link. I was close! I'll be following your blog now.

    1. Thank you Deborah! Yes Meaquite is not too far. We may need to meet 1/2 way for a get to know you knitting day !

  5. love the blanket!! It's beautiful and perfect :) Like seeing a bit of Texas through your photos :)

  6. Great blanket. So much is gray these days, but gray and I don't get along. It sucks the color right out of me and I spend all day telling people, no I feel fine!! I do really like the knit of it.
    Your escape looks beautiful. My CPA hubby & I are tied here at the local offices til Monday and then LOOK OUT!! Perhaps I should sit on a porch in a rocker with a beautiful view! I have a quilt project to attend to next week and that will be a welcome change! Hoping then I have time to redo the vest that I have frogged several times and just need the time and brain concentration to get it going in the right direction...
    How big is your knitted horse?? looks cute!
    Have a great weekend, new friend!