Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yarn Along and a little sewing

Linking up today with Ginny at Yarn Along.  I have finished the Kudzu Shawl

It has had a bath and is now blocking on the table. I just love how the motifs popped out after blocking.

This is going to be perfect for our trips coming up.  A soft cover on the shoulders for cool temps.  Aren't many of us wondering if it will ever warm up?  We are in the 80's today and are expecting a low of 39 Friday morning!  Crazy!
After experimenting with edgings for the Babar Blanket, I have decided to just do a simple picot edging.  We now know that this baby is a boy! The edging is in a light mustardy(?) yellow.  These are the colors of the nursery to be prepared.
Picking up over 600 stitches is slow. But now that I know what this little one is I can talk to him as I knit these next 15 rows.  Blessed little grandson!
Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker is a slow read.  Not because it is difficult, but because I am falling asleep just a few pages into it each night. And that is not because it is not a good book, but because I am just exhausted at the end of these days caring for little ones.  A good friend gave me the book on writing.  I have never considered myself good at putting thoughts into words, but both she and Mr. Golfer say is this is a great resource.  So I will be reading both books at one time!
On our trip I made a quick stop into a Half Price Books and came across both of these.  I have a project, My Favorite Things started and Alice Starmore's famous book gives lots of charts to use.  This one is in great condition.  The other is written mostly about how the Prayer Shawl Ministry started.  I am not too far into it, so I will wait to give a recommendation.
My oldest granddaughter is completely taken with the movie Tangled.  So I am in the process of planning a Rapunzel costume for her 3rd birthday the end of May.  While I was out gathering some fabrics today, I came across these little pre-made pieces that you just sew up the side and put shoulder ties on.  Since all things Princess is the focus these days, I made 2 so that even the younger sister would have one ot wear.  I may have to do some altering in the length, but that is just putting in a little tuck while they nap. 
What are you reading and knitting this week?  Can't wait to see!


  1. your shawl is beautiful.....and just the right size and weight!!!! Love what blocking does to a knit!!!
    Grey seems to be THE color for newbies....my niece is doing her nursery in it too, although I think complimenting with pink for baby girl! I did the same thing...."talked" to that baby while I knit for her!!! (aren't we silly?????)

    1. No not silly! I often say the rosary while knitting as well.

  2. Oh wow, I just love your knits, the shawl and the blanket are both perfectly lovely. :)

  3. I love your shawl! The blanket looks beautiful too.

  4. that shawl is gorgeous. wow. and those dresses, so sweet. :)

  5. Beautiful Shawl, love the dresses also :)
    Marigolds' Loft

  6. Your shawl is gorgeous and such pretty restful colours in the blanket. Those dresses are just darling and perfect for little princesses !

  7. That shawl is absolutely beautiful. I agree about blocking - it brings the knitting to life.

  8. such beautiful knitting, and what darling dresses!

  9. I never tire of the miracles of blocking! Beautiful!!