Friday, May 3, 2013

Getting it right.......

Last week on our little getaway, a question came up about Confirmation.  You see, I spent my young life as a Baptist and my friend was Methodist.  We are both converts to The Church and our husbands are cradle Catholics.  We were driving to dinner after Mass when this question came up about when and how we had been confirmed as converts. 

Patsy had a clear story to tell.  She is a stickler for remembering details and dates.  She is amazing!  There is no way my mind stores that kind of data, but then I am convinced I used to be able to until all the stress of the last 13 years took its toil. Ok, I m not getting into that today!

Anyway, the question came to me and all I could remember was that I had gone through a private instruction with the parish priest ( because those were the days prior to any formal RCIA), had been re-baptized ( which to this day causes me great sadness), and  had received my First Communion But for the life of me I could not remember receiving any oil of Confirmation. 

I almost started hyperventilating in the car! They are laughing at me.  My friend even pulls Holy Oil from her purse and Mr. Golfer rubs my forehead!  Me, the one who preaches to my children ( and most others) about doing everything right ( yes, girls I am aware that I dot the i's and cross the t's) was not Confirmed!  Oh no!  I would be the laughing stock of the family and this story would be told for generations!  " Remember when Grandmother found out that she had not been Confirmed and we all thought we were off the hook?"

First thing Monday morning I called the church and made the appropriate inquiry.  I guess I am not the only one who has this question because they were clearly not as worried or excited as I was.  They even had the nerve to tell me it would take about 3 days to get that information ( I am picturing in my mind just opening a file cabinet where all the "old" records are kept and pulling that little certificate out and reassuring me that all was well).  And yes, I have an issue with patience!

So I waited.  On Tuesday I got the call.

If you entered The Catholic Church as a convert prior to RCIA, you received what was called a Profession of Faith that brought you into full communion with The Church.

Only if you are my family will you be aware that I was NOT born in Fort Worth,  I will need to make another call to have that replaced .  And yes, that is my correct birth date.  I know, you thought I was much younger.  Here it all the time!  :)

So it's official!  I'm Catholic!  Fully, All the Way, No Holes Barred, CATHOLIC!  Yes, just a little excited that I don't have to spend a year going through RCIA!

And just a little glimpse of where all those lovely rose petals came from because no post of mine would be complete without flowers.

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  1. Wow, I could actually SMELL the flowers in that last picture! SO beautiful!

  2. I was raised Baptist too! And I can imagine how stressed you were! How wonderful to receive that after worrying!