Monday, May 6, 2013

Week Ending Vol. 3

This is my first link up with an actual button!  Thank you to my daughter Julia for providing the graphic and helping me with the code.  Together we did it!  Grab the code over to the right and join in!

Re-inventing Mother
I am hoping you will feel free to post on Mondays for a pictorial view of " Friday through Monday".  The goal is to use few words, but you may add whatever you need.  Sometimes after a busy weekend we are just too tired to write, but pictures are an easy addition!
I am beginning mine with some semblance of chronological order, but really, who would know?!

To participate, click the "Add Your Link" button below!
Rules are as follows:
(1)  Pictures you post are up to you!
(2) Please put a link in that post back to this post
(3) Optional: grab the button at the top right corner and put it in your post


  1. What a great link up! And it looks like a fun weekend was had by all! I'm enjoying the warmer weather so much!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful words on your blog! I am humbled!

    2. No problem! You're welcome!

      I just re-added the link but it showed up the same way.