Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week Ending Vol 23

~ capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday

Re-inventing Mother

This past week has been different and hard and joyful all at the same time.

Luke is the sweetest baby.  He is calm and fairly undemanding. With two very noisy older sisters, he will have to learn to sleep through most anything.  His mother, my oldest, developed a breast infection and had to go to the ER last night.  Sometimes the best of care just cant stop those things from happening.  She is on antibiotics and is better today.

We finally had rain on Saturday.  Fortunately, it held off until I had returned home from errands.  I wanted to get the fall plantings completed this weekend.  I don't often spend the time of money with a lot of outside decor this time of year, but I really had the urge to do it this time.  I found a lot of items marked down, so it was reasonable to do.  I filled the front window boxes with flowers and pumpkins from the market.  A few were left over to scatter in other places.  Fall colors are so vivid and warm!

We have an Ace Hardware store close to us that has a really nice garden area.  I think I have blogged about it before.  I popped in there today on my way to a baby shower and found these beautiful ferns marked 75% off.  I brought 2 home and plan on going back tomorrow for 2 more.  They are not closeouts from the summer because they are too well taken care of.  I think they will look very nice under the window boxes in the front.

I still ask for your prayers for the special intention in my heart.  Mothering is difficult even on the best of days.

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  1. i HAVE to decorate for's my favorite season!!! your decorations look lovely. hoping your daughter is doing better soon....still in my prayers, all.

    1. I hope you take pictures when you do decorate. Your ideas are always wonderful! Thank you for your prayers!

  2. Still praying for your special intention - I love fall decorating!
    Luke is precious, I pray her infection heals up soon. Those can make you sick FAST.