Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week Ending 24 Housekeeping Edition

~ capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday
Re-inventing Mother
Saturday, Mr. Golfer and I spent the morning doing rather tedious errands.  Ones that needed to be done, flu shots; buying a new mattress, and eye exams, but not how you want to spend a  Saturday.  After he went on to the office to meet a client, I busied myself cleaning and moving furniture.  We have guests visiting this next weekend and a little rearranging needed to be done.

This table is one of my favorites and was in the space where the rocking chair below is now. This bedroom is the only room I have for sleeping other than the master bedroom.  Although our house has 4 bedrooms, once the children all left home Mr. Golfer and I each commandeered a room for our hobbies.  So this last bedroom is usually for the grandchildren or daughter Caitlin when she is here.  It needed a little grown up look to it. so I rearranged a couple of pieces.

Tabletops are so fun to arrange and work with.

I did a little reupholstering.  This rocker was a gift from my daughters on my 50th birthday.  Do you see that little drawer on the side?  It wasn't there originally.  I think I wrote about this before, but my mother in law had promised a sewing rocker of hers to me before she passed.  The weekend that their house was emptied, Mr. Golfer and I were moving a daughter to college.  When we returned, the rocker had gone to another family member.  I was devastated.  I loved that rocker.  So my daughters found a sewing rocker and had a drawer made for it.


The drawer is meant to hold your scissors and thread.  I have some wonderful antique doilies in mine.

I also constructed a wreath of bittersweet.  It is one of my favorite details in the Fall.

There was garden work as well, but I am saving that for later in the week.

I want to throw a question out to you.  This is volume 24 which means that I have had this link up more than 5 months.  I love and cherish those that are here each week, but I think I was hoping by this point there would be a larger group.  What to do?  Those of you that are here each week... I would love to hear what you think.  Is there a way to increase participation?

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  1. ahhh, I LOVE it!!!! I just spotted some w-a-y up in a tree near us. I'm going for it sometime this week!!!!

  2. i'm still befuddled by the issue of how to increase the circle of blog friends. There are so many dear people I know (including family members) who don't read my blog and have to be sent a link if there's something really special I want to see. It seems to me that it's a numbers deal - for every 100 bloggers who read your blog, one will do a linkup with you. So it gets back to how to increase readership (which, without succumbing to Facebook or Twitter will probably be a hard slog) or how to be at peace with fewer readers, but knowing that those readers really love your blog. I hope you continue Week Ending - even if it's only the regular 2 in addition to you, we all enjoy reading what each other is doing (at least I do; I hope you all do too!)

    1. Thank you Anna! I won't stop because I love seeing what you ladies are up too. I have sometimes posted the link on FB but that has really never been my goal. Participating in other linkups help but it is hard to sit down and write a post every day. I want my posts to be because I want to write and not because I want the numbers. Keep thinking and sharing for me!

  3. Please continue, you never know when it might click and become popular. If it never does though, be content in the knowledge that God is using it and using you in a way that keeps it small and authentic. I truly enjoy your blog and even when I don't participate in the link up due to time constraints, I always enjoy reading here.

    1. Thank you! I'm not going to stop. I love you ladies too much. Your point is correct.... Reaching just a few may be the plan. :)))

  4. I'm sure there are a lot of people who read your blog who don't write a post about their weekend. I have recommended it to two of my blogger friends who do write weekend posts. I don't know if they will choose to link or not. I would continue doing it if you enjoy writing your post and the ones who do link up. You really have nothing to lose by continueing the link ups.