Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week Ending Vol 31 - Cold Brrrrrrr!

~ capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday

Re-inventing Mother
Our area is under a Winter Storm Warning for tonight.  There is an expectation of sleet and ice overnight.  It's cold here.  Right at the freezing mark at the moment and due to drop into the upper 20's tonight.  I may be one of the few that love these events.  Staying home with ice or snow on the ground just soothes me.  I love any reason to be quarantined in my snug home.
Our oldest daughter and her husband rarely have time out on their own from the children.  Their weekends are devoted to spending time with them because they both teach all week.  Yesterday they were invited out for a movie and dinner with friends, so we went and spent the day with the children.  Since I am caring for the little ones all week, Mr. Golfer doesn't see the grandchildren as often as he used to, so they were just drawn to him yesterday. It didn't matter if he was napping or not!

Even Milo wanted to be next to him.

And it gave me extra time to cuddle with Luke.

Tomorrow is my day to start the preparations for the Thanksgiving dressing.  My mother's cornbread dressing is a 4 day process.  I would normally begin this tomorrow, but since I will probably be with the children, I decided to go ahead and begin today.  The cornbread is cooked and crumbled with the sage added.  It will sit this way through tomorrow until step #2.

I used the quiet day to begin a sweater.  This is on the cover of the winter Knitscene. The Sylvia Cardigan is just enough plain knitting and cables to keep me interested.

I am using Queensland Leche in a mint green colorway.  The yarn is so soft and easy to knit with.

The cables are small with slip stitches on each side.  A fun little combination of stitches.

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  1. They are so cute! And I love the sweater pattern you're beginning. I need to get knitting before Christmas sneaks up on me. It always sneaks up on me!

    I was so surprised to hear how cold it's going to be down there tonight. It's freezing up here too! I shouldn't be surprised because I'm pretty sure my sister lives not far from you and I've heard crazy stories of the weather she gets for the last couple decades but I still tend to think of it as warm!

  2. two grands keep me on my toes---when I have all 7---my eyes just roll around in my head!!! (It seems like all I do is keep counting, to make sure I have everyone accounted for!!!) Hope the week goes Thanksgiving 'fussing' doesn't start for a couple days yet!!!!

  3. Those are precious pictures of the little ones, especially the littlest one. HA! I like your choice of sweater pattern. The single cable down the back looks so elegant.