Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Yarn Along With a Little Sewing

I spent more time sewing this past week instead of knitting.  If you read this post  you will see the project.   I actually went a little overboard, but that is a post for tomorrow!  I did, however, over the last couple of days complete the word section of The Lullaby Blanket and have now begun the feather and fan border.  There are now 576 stitches on the needles, so each round takes some time.

This is my nightstand.  Piled. With. Books.  Some are in waiting and some in progress.  My attention is now on this last one above. I am discovering that I am not along in this category.  I identify so much with this story and how it is told.  Someday I will tell my own.

linking up with Ginny  from  Small Things!


  1. Your blanket is beautiful! What an awesome gift.

    That's quite a book stack. Do you read according to your mood?

  2. Thank you! Yes I tend to pick according to 1). Am I at a spot I can't stop. 2). Is something speaking to me. 3) is it due soon at the library'

  3. I'm going to look into the last book!
    I'm smiling seeing some of your books, they are on my night stand too. I read some of L.I.W. every year, I still love her today just like when I was a girl!

  4. i love that you are reading several at a time....me, too! and let's just throw an audible book in the mix, too.

  5. Love the pile of books, so many to choose from and I see a few I'd like to read. As always your knitting is beautiful :)