Tuesday, June 24, 2014


:: Family
I have been reading this book.  Having raised only daughters, it has been increasingly difficult for me to relate to son in laws. Even more difficult when the lives of my daughters are not what I dreamed they would be. I am gaining new perspective on how to continue to show direction in faith.  Words are so very important. They can change a relationship on a dime.  I'm learning to be more silent and to listen.  Hard for this extrovert.

:: Catholic Faith
I'm  continuing to read Leila's book.  I am enjoying listening to the podcast each week on Elizabeth's blog.  There is such wisdom to still be learned.  I have cried out to  God many times  in these last months.  I wanted this information when  I was raising my daughters. If I had been home all those years I could have imparted this?  We could have learned to live liturgically.  Why did the Catholic schools not teach this?  Shouldn't this have been central to the curriculum?  Hmmm.

:: Scripture/ Prayer
I'm struggling. Being home now should give me structure in my prayer time, but I am using my time in other ways. When I was driving to my daughter's, it was easy to listen to the rosary or DO in the car.  Now I am distracted in the mornings.  This morning I did find another source for the daily readings that I liked.  I'll post it next week if it continues to help me.

:: Knitting
The blanket was well received by my niece. I am 3/4 of the way through the chevron blanket.  Tomorrow's Yarn Along post will show the progress.  My plan was to be finished by July 1st so I could start the next one.  I think I will be close.

:: Drawstrings
Orders continue to be steady.  I  constructed the first camera backpack and a friend asked me to monogram a bag for her mother's ashes.  I was very touched by that request.

:: Garden
As you can see the garden is blooming!  So much to see each day.  That bromeliad was a find in the garden center of a large store chain.  I just loved the color.  Never having cared for one before I was surprised to find out you water them through the bloom and not in the soil.  Interesting!

:: Home
I have been cleaning, but not as much as I thought at this point.  I will be without a car tomorrow, so I think I will tackle a closet.  Oh which one?????!!!

Again, leave me intentions if you will.  Praying and cleaning go hand in hand. :)))


  1. Interesting book you're reading. I have concerns and hopes for my oldest daughter, but now that 2 of my 4 boys have serious girlfriends, I worry a bit more about them, especially the non-Catholic girlfriend. Girls tend to stick to their families more than the men, and I hate to lose my boys to another family!

    I guess you love your Drawstrings project. I have sewing projects that I really want to do, but I can't make myself go down to the basement to work on them, and so they languish. How do you schedule your sewing time?

    1. Sara, the Drawstrings project was truly divinely inspired . I know I have a link to that post somewhere, but I'm not where I can get to it. I too had trouble getting to the machine and sitting down to sew and then this little gesture happened and God sent me on a mission. If you can't find the post let me know.
      This book is very good. Although they are. It Catholic, the biblical perspective is sound. Three of my daughters ( two married) are involved with non Catholic men and it has changed their lifestyle instead of the other way around.
      I have been in so much prayer and at the same time trying not to turn them away. I do suggest this book!

  2. Thanks for sharing the book you are reading. I am always in prayer for my young adult children who are navigating their way out there. I can't wait to see your chevron blanket tomorrow and I am so happy to hear that you are busy making Drawstrings. Closets, oh my, I really should be thinking about reorganizing and cleaning them here as well. Have a blessed day!

    1. Well I went to the garden store instead of cleaning the closet! See my response to Sara above. W must be in constant prayer for our adult children!!!!!

  3. glad drawstrings is going well! God be with all of your children; not all wanders are lost and pray to St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine; God hears our sighs, sees our tears and our fears.....

  4. Your orchid is beautiful! I bought two small ones this spring. Unfortunately they lost their blooms and I haven't been able to get them to rebloom.