Monday, June 30, 2014

New Shop Banner!

I have this wonderful young women that jumped on helping me with my blog when Drawstrings was born.  She just happened to comment to me on my blog and changes began to happen!  I love you Pepper!!

The new banner is just so cute.  I'm in love with the color and how bright and attracting it is. I do think it says so much about what my shop is about.

I felt like bright colors were needed today. The sun is shining this morning and a cool breeze is blowing through the garden.  So here we have bright colors with flowers, bees and Maine blueberries! 

 Oh how I would love to be in Maine this summer! But, Mr. Golfer and I are planning a northwestern trip in September.  A very good friend of ours has a son getting married in Idaho and since Caitlin is now in West Yellowstone, we are seriously planning a driving trip.  Six days on the road.  We love to drive on our vacations.  So much to see and we have not been in this direction.  We have always traveled east.
I was born in Wyoming, but have no memory of being there, so this will be very fun for me!

I am on the last section of the Zip Blanket.  I spent much time over the weekend frogging! Purling when I should have been knitting!



  1. Love your banner, and the blueberries. It's almost blueberry season in Michiana too......mmmm!

  2. Lovely banner! The bags are fantastic!

    1. Got your order! It will go in the mail tomorrow. Thank you!

  3. Awe! You are so sweet!! I love working with you!