Thursday, June 26, 2014


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round button chicken


This time of year the garden is my focus.  The flowers in the garden produce a bumper crop.  Soon there will be enough to bring blooms in every day and still the garden will not look bare. We have had record rains this week which means there is also going to be much weeding soon!  But for now it is nice to sit on the back porch on the glider and knit and listen to the rain.


These platters are not new to me at all, but their home on the mantle is. They usually reside on the wall in the entry, but twice recently they have been bumped.  I was so startled and worried they would crash that I moved them up to a safe place.  The brown one belonged to Mr. Golfer's great great grandmother and the blue is not a family piece but most likely the only piece of Flow Blue I will ever own.  I think they look nice on my new mantle and are definitely safe up high.

I have been moving indoor plants around now that they light is higher in the day.  This was just a pleasant grouping and I thought I would snap it for future reference.  Thinks rarely stay the same around here. :))


I took a trip down  to my favorite little garden center and was amazed to find a pumpkin patch in the back corner.  They had quite a few already on the vine and the manager let me take this one home.  It got me thinking about a large space recently cleared in my garden and some pumpkin seeds I had brought home from my classroom when I retired.  So I planted those seeds this morning in hopes the grandchildren will be able to pick their pumpkins from Grandmother's yard this fall.  That will be a fun memory!


Tomorrow I am taking two of the grandchildren to the zoo, so today I baked.  Homemade cookies are so much better than store bought and besides, Mr. Golfer hinted he needed some sweets.

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  1. So did Mr Golfer decide he liked the lights on the mantle? I think they look lovely.

  2. Hello! When I saw your response at Team Whitaker, I remembered your blog name from Leila's. So nice to know there is someone near me in real life who also hangs out online in the same places.
    Michelle (Mamabearjd)

    1. Hi Michelle! Shoot me an email if you like. Would love to meet another blogging friend!

  3. love the zoo,,,,,wish ours wasn't 3 hours away....this week we also have grands....and we're going to have to settle for Maggie's Jungle Golf!!! (they have giant zebras and elephants you golf around!) ---not the same!