Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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The yarn bowl in that top picture was a birthday gift this week.  My youngest daughter had it hand forged for me.  The color in the photo doesn't really bring out the blues in it.  I loved this style as it is shallow and the design around the sides look like waves.  If I can't be near the water this summer I can at least knit from a bowl that looks like it!
This beautiful butterfly seems to love the Abelia in my front yard.  He was really quite large.  Approx. 3.5 inches across!


Yes I have reached that milestone!  Tuesday was the big day. My oldest and youngest daughter treated me to a full day of fun and then a big family dinner.  Just an all around lovely day!

If you look in the background of that top picture you will see little Evelyn in tears.  At 2 years of age, she still thinks all the candles are for her.  We lit a couple of them a second time so she could blow tout with Grandmother.  :))

 My hair seems to be graying at a very alarming rate.  Not sure how I really feel about it.  I know I don't want to add any color as the drawbacks to that healthwise are not good.  Time will tell!


Looks as if Rachel needed to give those little "piggies" of hers some rest!


As I wrote earlier in the week, Mr. Golfer and I had 3 of the grandchildren for 3 days while their parents went on an Anniversary trip.  It turns out that they loved to play with the most unexpected items!

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  1. Happy birthday! My milestone 50 is very soon. Not real happy about that, but I'm trying. :-) Your hair color looks great on you. I may not like aging, in general, but I do like gray hair and would be fine with it coming in faster. Dating a guy who was totally gray at 23 kind of got me over any prejudice towards it!

  2. I think you look great! What a blessing to spend your birthday with your children and grandchildren. I love when all my chicks are home:) Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Are you 50, or 58? Is 58 some milestone I need to prepare for? ;-)

    I have been gray for at least five years now. Probably more. In truth, I've been gray since my 30s -- premature gray is hereditary -- but I dyed it until I just couldn't stand it anymore. Then I had to spend a year with the ugliest hair as it grew out. I tell anyone contemplating (though it doesn't sound like you are) "Don't dye it!" Gray can be very beautiful, and though I don't think mine is "beautiful" I do get many compliments on the color and several people have argued that it's not gray but platinum blond. Ha! It's silver gray, but I'm glad. It's my crown of wisdom, right?

    1. This birthday was 58!!! I did dye it for several years, but started reading about the carcinogen effects of the dark dyes. Since I am a brunette I finally decided it wasn't worth the risk. The growing out has been hard In some places that the dye yellowed, but others the Grady is a pretty color. Just keep telling myself patience!!!

  4. Hello. I just discovered you over on the lovely Steph's Woolthyme blog. Happy birthday, you are now the same age as me. As I polled down the pictures I was just thinking how beautiful your are and that I really, really love your greying hair. And then you mentioned it in your post. I think that it really does suit you. You have a very pretty young face.
    I hope that your celebrations continue for the rest of the week.

    1. You are so very sweet and kind!! Welcome to the blog!!!!

  5. I have a few grey strands and I plan on never dying (totally not worth the chemicals or the expense!) and really find the woman who do not dye their hair to be most beautiful... grey/silver/white are not colours that should be shunned in my book!!!