Monday, November 17, 2014

A Cold Monday

Blogging everyday last week just was tiring and remembering to take pictures of things I normally wouldn't was crazy as well.  I had fun though linking up with people I might not normally see.  Thank you to those who stuck with it.  By Friday I was done!

The weekend before, Mr. Golfer and I had kept Patrick and Rachel.  It was our daughter Julia's 6th wedding anniversary.  She and her husband took a little overnight trip and we were blessed to have the grandchildren!

I missed all the outside pictures.  We were so busy playing golf on the driveway and puttering through the garden.  But most of the time that Patrick is here we bake cookies.  It has been a tradition of ours since he was old enough to stand at the mixer.  This time it was Snickerdoodles.  I almost always have the ingredients.

Patrick was also very interested in cleaning. :))) I gave him paper towels and cleaner and he spent close to an hour wiping down every piece of glass he could reach.  Not a bad deal for me!

Not much knitting time, but that purple sweater for Lilah is complete and it gets a good washing and blocking today.  I picked up an unfinished sock and finished it last night and have cast on the second.
Rachel is here today with a little fever and cold, so no pictures just yet.  Come back tomorrow!

Drawstrings received a large order this past week and Elizabeth and I are busy sewing!  Remember these bags as Christmas approaches.  I have new knitting fabrics due in this week and if you don't see what you want then message me.  I will try to find what you want!


  1. what happens that they outgrow that 'love for cleaning' stage??? I remember mine doing that, of my favorite pics of my daughter was when she was just barely walking....pushing a broom twice her size!!

  2. so glad for the drawstrings orders! God bless you! and your Elizabeth! lovely pictures and so fun, baking cookies! :)

  3. Wanda

    your the second to post snicker doodles today. MMMMMMM I LOVE them