Friday, November 14, 2014

AWIML. Thursday

So are you totally bored and ready to abandon my blog?  Wouldn't blame you:) Just one more day and things are back to normal.

I have enjoyed this week though.  Thank you Kathryn for providing the linkup!

I'm starting today off by actually adding some pics from yesterday.  I can do's my blog:)

These were photos from a display outside Patrick's classroom.  They were graphing favorite apples.

Coffee and scrambled eggs this morning.  It was 28 degrees.  Guys I live in Texas.  We call that cold!

But my third daughter in Montana texted me this!  

Worked on my bible study this morning.  I've had many people ask me why as a Catholic I'm in a Protestant study? Well, in my area there is not continuous Catholic scripture study.  There are single studies that pop up from time to time, but not a continuous one.  There are points of faith that I know we don't agree on and I can distinguish that, becuase of much prior study, for myself.  I don't make any big deal about it.  The purpose for me is the study.  To be accountable to a lesson and others to keep reading and thinking.  The Doctrine and Magisterium issues I can apply on my own.  Also, being a convert gives me an advantage.  I was Protestant for the first 23 years of my life.

The shop needed attention this morning.  I had orders that needed to go out today!

Before I left the house to do carpool, I put beans in the crockpot.  It shall be beans, rice and cornbread for dinner.  Those are my mother's southern roots showing through:)))

Patrick settled in to get his homework completed.  PreK ya'll!


  1. I love the cold and still miss that about Ottawa! but for TX 28 degrees is COLD!!! I understand how you can do a Bible study and as a convert be able to negotiate the differences. God bless you this weekend! that dinner sounds lovely btw! It's a fast day for us but a 'wine and oil' day which means fried mushrooms and potatoes! :))))

  2. It's cold here this morning too...55 degrees ;).
    My husband would love your dinner, beans and cornbread are his idea of fine dining, he is southern to the core.
    PS- My Drawstrings bag arrived yesterday and I love it, thank you.

  3. Without getting into a religion debate: we are all going to be held accountable for what we did or did not do. Delving into a study is a great way to grow closer to Him.
    They do start homework early these days don't they? My kiddos had hours of it in middle school. It has only gotten worse....
    Ham and beans are one of my family favorites. mmm comfort foods :)

  4. Kudos to you for doing a Bible study outside of your denomination. I am a Lutheran and I read a few Catholic blogs and read some Catholic literature. I am totally fine with that.It is encouraging and uplifting. I am glad you are in a study and spending time with Jesus. We might have different theologies and denominations but we are all one in Jesus and him alone.

    Much love,

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