Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yarn Along

I know I have been absent a lot from this space.  Wedding plans are keeping me very busy.  We had bridal portraits yesterday and although I can't post any pictures of my daughter, I can give you this one little sneak.

We are also moving rooms around in our house in preparation for company this summer and you know you can never move or clean out just one room.  It always multiplies!

So my knitting has been sitting in this space for most of the week.  I have picked it up and worked on it, but not much progress.

Mr. Golfer leaves tomorrow on his annual men's golf trip.  The days he is gone are very quiet, but I do get a lot accomplished when I'm not having to plan meals and such:)))

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  1. You are such a tease, the wedding picture looks lovely such beautiful flowers.

  2. sounds like some knitting time may be coming soon then! that is such pretty picture, that ring is stunning with those flowers! lovely to see you here :)

  3. Happy wedding days to you and your daughter! So exciting that the day is growing closer; it will fly by, I promise you! The knitting can wait!!